Concord & Ryde Sailing Club Inc

Chris Lloyd-Owen


At the AGM of 22nd July, 1998 Murray Dismorr moved that Chris Lloyd-Owen be awarded with Life Membership of our Club and this was seconded by Bob Lindsay. In support of the motion Murray said “that Chris Lloyd-Owen joined the Club in the mid-1960s and established the Heron Class. He has spent almost thirty years serving on both the Management and Race Committees holding various titles including President. He has represented the Club as YA delegate, the delegate for the Western Committee on the YA Council and as President of the National Heron Association. Chris has supported the Club in practical ways, including being an unofficial caretaker of the old Rhodes Club House, being involved in the early stages of the Club’s relocation, spending countless hours at Club working bees and by donating radio equipment for the rescue craft, In recent times when ill health prevented Chris from sailing, he donated his services by manning the second rescue boat. The proposal of Life Membership is in recognition of years of service to the Club.”  This proposal was carried by acclamation.

Chris was President for the 1968-69 season and the original Heron Class Captain for 2 seasons 1965 until 1967. He later sailed his Heron for some seasons at Middle Harbour before coming back home to us. He enjoyed the Heron Class for a bit then bought a Spiral which he sailed with some success. His boats were usually called “Rufus” no matter what class. In addition to local involvement Chris served on Protest Committees for World class events because of his vast knowledge of Racing Rules.

He was a stickler for keeping the Heron as a one class boat and argued many times when members of the Association proposed changes to the design- he usually won! To show his keenness and enjoyment of sailing during the 1998/99 season whilst Chris was battling with his cancer he made every effort to get out on the water in his Spiral and managed to win the Club Championship on handicap.

Chris was a gentle person, a great bloke and would willingly share his knowledge to all and sundry. Sailing was not his only interest as he was a strong member of the Rover Car Club owning 3 cars of this marque and previous to his love affair with Rover Cars was interested in MG cars.

During the early half of the 1999/2000 season Chris would still make a regular appearance most Saturdays giving a cheerful word to all with a smile on his face, whilst putting up with the effects of chemotherapy He passed away in February, 2000 at the age of 69 years after a long battle with cancer.