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Spirals are great boats to sail!

Our training courses can help you get started in a Spiral, and from there you can build up gradually through our Intermediate class race at lunch, then the short B-Division race in the afternoon and then the full afternoon Spiral race.

You can start in club boats, and once you’ve caught the bug, buy your own boat (used boats are available, but eagerly sought) and perhaps use our club boat storage. The Spiral itself is a fairly simple boat, similar to the Lasers that are sailed in the Olympics, but the class restrictions are more permissive than for many other classes, providing a range of sail sizes (4.5m, 5.6m and full) to cater for varying skill and weights and strength (of both the sailor and the wind!), and the boat can be economically rigged according to the owner’s taste. While the boat is simple, sailing itself is challenging and can be exhilarating.

Once you think you understand one aspect, you’ll discover more nuance and aspects to master.  It provides a great combination of sport, the outdoors, technology, strategy and tactics, and community.

Since Spirals are single handed boats, you don’t have to worry about finding crew in order to sail. But our sailing is still very sociable: We regularly have fleets of 25 or so boats, which provides competition for all skill levels, and we’re a friendly bunch: Helping each other launch and retrieve boats, plus lots of chatter in the park before and after races.

Welcome to the world of sailing Spirals at Concord-Ryde Sailing Club!


At Concord & Ryde Sailing Club we have a large and ever growing Spiral fleet. The boat is very popular and suitable for one person to sail. It is perfect for beginners all the way to competitive sailors.

Class Captain: Tim Moors