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CRSC Launches 2024 Winter Boat Building Programme

Published Sat 16 Mar 2024

Concord and Ryde Sailing Club (CRSC) is thrilled to announce the continuation of its highly successful "Winter Boat Building Programme" for the 2024 winter season. Following the remarkable achievements of the 2023 programme, CRSC is proud to offer this opportunity once again to local high school students.

The programme, initiated in 2018 but resumed in 2023 after interruptions due to local council construction and the Covid pandemic, invites pupils to work alongside qualified club members to build wooden boats. Participants not only gain hands-on experience in boat construction but are also provided with a comprehensive learn-to-sail package and membership for the subsequent season.

Recognizing the potential career pathways in the boating industry, CRSC emphasizes that the programme offers participants valuable skills and experiences. Previous participants have successfully transitioned into roles within the leisure boating industry, with one example cited as becoming a trainee Master with a major ferry operator.

This year, CRSC aims to build two Rainbow Scow boats, a design renowned for its simplicity, affordability, and competitive performance. The Rainbow Scow, originating in 1940 in Western Australia, offers a flat-bottomed hull for stability and ease of construction. Despite a decline in popularity with the emergence of fiberglass boats, Rainbows remain celebrated in classic dinghy regattas for their speed and thrilling sailing experience.

The 2024 Winter Boat Building Programme will equip participants with essential skills and knowledge in safe tool use, epoxy gluing techniques, steam bending, hull construction, fiberglass application, rigging, and fit-out procedures.

CRSC invites enthusiastic individuals to join this exciting programme, fostering a new generation of sailors and boat builders while celebrating the rich heritage of wooden boat construction.

For more view the event section of the CRSC website or contact the club directly.

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