Concord & Ryde Sailing Club Inc


Update on Boat Building Project

Published Mon 29 May 2023

With funds raised through the Australian Sports Foundation and generous support from Bote-Cote and their local affiliate, Drive Marine, a team of young people is building two International Moths. These boats will then be used by the young people for their Learn to Sail programme.

The choice of design was driven by the need to balance stability for training with high performance for competition. Another important consideration was ease and speed of construction The programme must be completed by the end of August. These three criteria led to the selection of a wingless design, specifically the Imperium scow.

Progress has been rapid. At the end of day 4, Boat 1 has been fiberglassed and will be ready to remove from the jig next Saturday. Its place will then be taken by Boat 2, the key components of which are being finalised in parallel.

Keeping the goal in sight, an Imperium displays it classic hull shape.

With thanks again, to our sponsors!